Years ago in a not-so-perfect world, innocent callers were put on hold for endless periods of time… after enduring a million rings, a rude operator would answer and attempt to take a message. This message would be relayed in such a manner that would be totally unacceptable. When the operator would relay the message to the on-call staff he or she would just create a mess by amplifying, intensifying, falsifying this “NOT SO URGENT” message making it totally askew! Or the opposite would happen… this hurried, underpaid, rushed operator would take this “URGENT” message and when casually relaying to the on-call staff would down play, decrease and diminish this message making it a liability!

Then the greatest idea since sliced bread came to fruition. Answer Advantage was created.


Callers NEVER put on hold, the caller would always hear a fully customized AMAZING greeting (with a smile of course) to promptly connect the caller right where he or she needed to go. The on-call staff would be notified of this message at LIGHTENING FAST speed, and would now hear the exact message left by the caller, with no third party to make a blunder. This new creation called Answer Advantage created quite the sensation from coast to coast. Physicians, Office Administrators, Apartments Community Managers and maintenance staff kept asking, Why did it take so long to create this impeccable, unequaled, superb and foolproof service? Well the answer still remains a mystery, all we can say is Rome wasn’t built in a day, Steve Jobs didn’t create Apple overnight and it took Bill Gates a bit to build Microsoft!!!

The very best, cutting edge equipment combined with an unrivaled (Seriously the BEST in the biz) customer care team equals Answer Advantage!