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Callers are NEVER put on hold. All calls are answered within 5 seconds. All messages recorded direct from the caller in their own voice. Your service will be professionally recorded with a 24/7 leasing line. As a courtesy to you and YOUR callers, we will be happy to add a special holiday greeting for all of the holidays that you choose. When your callers call you, make them remember YOU! You never have to forward your telephones. (OPTIONAL) Immediate notification of emergencies, with NO delay, we can also DIRECT CONNECT your callers to your on-call person in case of an EMERGENCY. Including “Find me, Follow me” feature. District managers and Regional Supervisors take advantage of the broadcast service that allows you to leave one message that will be automatically delivered to all of the offices in your district or region. Checking your Answering Service is as easy calling in via your cell, checking your e-mail, logging into your web-portal or all of the above. Answer Advantage will capture the caller ID of your caller. 24/7 access to the web-portal to make on-call changes, view reports, listen to messages and manage your account.

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Additional Services

Entrepreneur and Small Business

The leader in Virtual office management.
Are you in need of a phone system
and answering service? No problem,
Answer Advantage will provide you with both
without investing in ANY equipment.

Serving all industries such as…..
HVAC, Real-Estate, Veterinary clinic,
Roofing company, Law Firm and many more.

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Physician Answering

Using the newest technology and
THE BEST Customer Care Team,
your patients are handled professionally,
efficiently and COST EFFECTIVELY.
Answer Advantage will save you

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