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We are unlike any other company in our industry.
We provide completely custom solutions for all of our clients.

Custom Services

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We Listen

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Fully Customized

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We are a one-stop-service. With us by your side, you will always be headache-free.

Emergency Dispatch

The answer Advantage team always makes it a top priority to have the correct staff for emergency calls. We take this VERY seriously. (Super, duper serious)

100% Customized/Tailored

Answer Advantage is the ONLY answering service that work’s one on one with your team to create the best answering service for your business! (Your wish is our command)

Direct Connect

Your on-call staff has the ability to “Direct Connect” back to the caller via the Answer Advantage system, Answer Advantage protect’s the on-call staff’s personal number. (Your on-call staff will FREAK over this feature)

Call Recording

When your on-call staff connects back to the caller you have the option to have the conversation recorded. Then e-mailed to your team. (Are we dazzling you yet?)

Digit Recognition

This technology lets us know who is calling in to retrieve their message. Example; Bob calls in to Answer Advantage from his cell phone, the answer advantage system will know it is Bob and log him into listen to his waiting message. (Crazy-Cool technology, we KNOW you arte dazzled).

Web Portal

Log on to our secure web portal to make on-call changes, listen to messages, print/view detailed reports and make customized changes to your account. (If you’re a tech savvy person have fun with the web-portal, if not then call the Answer Advantage rock stars and they will get er’ done for you).

We're qualified, we're experienced and we're awesome.


Meet the people who work hard to make Answer Advantage awesome for our customers.

Stefanie Bluml

COO Chief Operations Officer

Chief of Prophesy Fulfillment


Kelli Simpson

Executive Assistant

Moolah Master


Angela Wright


Chief Cheerleader & The “Voice”


Lynde Greco

Apartment Division Coordinator

Director of Apartment Astonishment


Don Wright

Director of Customer Relations

C.E. Bro


True Russell

Jr. Admin Assistant

The next big thing


Our History

We worked really hard to get to where we are. Our history speaks to our many years of passion and dedication towards our industry, and most importantly; to our clients.

  • 1997
  • 3 Mar 97


    Angela Wright age 23, operating under a licensing agreement with the founder of our original company, Inphonemation, she opened a small office in only the Oklahoma Area providing service to Apartment communities only.

  • 2004
  • 3 May 04


    After the founder and partners sold the original company Inphonemation. Angela kept Inphonemation growing in the Oklahoma City area growing at a rapid pace with Apartment Communities.

  • 2006
  • 1 Jun 06


    Answer Advantage was born. With the passion and success of Inphonemation combined with new state of the art HIPPA compliant equipment Angela and Kim were ready to move to the next level.

  • 2013
  • 1 Jul 13


    After years of Angela and Kim working from their home offices, it was time for Answer Advantage to buy a new office building. The Answer Advantage corporate office was established, no more home offices!!!

  • 2014
  • 1 Aug 14


    Answer Advantage is ecstatic to be a nationwide company providing service to thousands of Apartment Communities and Medical practices and enjoying all of their customers!

  • 2020
  • 1 Jan 20


    With a Fun, professional, energetic, enthusiastic team of 6, Angela, Stefanie, Lynde, Kelli, True and Don. Answer Advantage is growing and providing the most personalized, customized fully automated answering service from coast to coast, we are ON A ROLL!

Important Tid-Bits

Expand the topics below to discover key pieces of information for how our systems work and what you can expect from our professional services.

Checking your Answering Service is as easy calling in via your cell, checking your e-mail, logging into your web-portal or all of the above. Answer Advantage will capture the caller ID of your caller. 24/7 access to the web-portal to make on-call changes, view reports, listen to messages and manage your account.
Answer Advantage is ALWAYS on-call 24/7 for on-call changes, greeting changes anything that you may need; we are here!!!
Your callers will hear a daytime greeting during your normal business hours and an afterhours greeting after your normal business hours and on Holidays. This will let your caller know that you have already left for the day or if you are simply busy on the other phone line.
If any of YOUR on-call staff calls in to retrieve messages they will be automatically logged in. The Answer Advantage system will recognize the digits from your staff and immediately log them into the box that is holding the NEW messages. Maintenance requested this feature so we added it just for them!


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Wichita Office: 316.687.5056
Telephone: 877.414.2372
Oklahoma City Office: 405.720.3000
FAX: 877.414.2395

Head Office: 131 N. Glendale, Wichita Kansas, 67208

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